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My name is Bailey Sergent and I am 15 years old. I attend Brooke Point High School.

I have been a volunteer with RAKOB for 3 years. I am a puppeteer with Roberta and I perform at many of the shows. I enjoy volunteering through RAKOB because I love helping people out and teaching younger children life lessons that will help them for their future. I would also like to encourage others to volunteer as well.

My goal is to be a journalist when I get older because I enjoy writing stories and interviewing people.

Bailey Sergant
Volunteer Puppeteer Bailey Sergant recently interviewed Roberta Phillips, RAKOB Board member and puppeteer:

Rappahannock Area Kids on the Block is a unique troupe of disabled and non-disabled puppets that go around and talk to children about understanding people with disabilities, differences, and social concerns.

I recently interviewed Roberta Phillips, a puppeteer with RAKOB. Roberta lives in Orange, Virginia with her husband and her two daughters. She teaches special Ed for 4th and 5th graders and helps them with their emotional problems. In her spare time Roberta likes to scrapbook and she enjoys doing theatre.

She began working with RAKOB and its puppets in May of 2003. Roberta says she loves all the puppets but her favorite script topic would be the one about learning disabilities. It explains to children about students in school that are challenged and sometimes receive extra help outside the classroom.

Roberta says her most memorable RAKOB performance to date would have to be the very first performance about Autism. “We worked with a large group and the character has to make many strange noises and I didn’t want the audience to take it as a joke but they were very respectful about it.”

Some advice Roberta gives for new upcoming puppeteers would be to read the scripts over and over again so that when you perform you have it down so you know how the script plays out.

Roberta says that her volunteer experience with RAKOB has been very fun especially picking up trash along the road.