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Looking for ways to talk to your child about
recent events and what they see on the news?
RAKOB can help!

Let RAKOB and our helpful friends Melody and Brenda role model simple ways of talking
about feelings, especially in times of crisis -- whether in the family, community, nation or the world.

The "Coping in Crisis" program is designed to help youth better understand
feelings and emotions that are overwhelming and how to express their concerns in a positive way.

Contact Sherry Norton-Williams (540-373-3223, ext. 3035) to schedule.
Learn ways to talk to your child or students about tragedy and crisis.

Miss Virginia Virtue Juvenile Diabeted Walk
RAKOB Performance RAKOB's Biggest Fan Jamey

"Thank you for your recent presentation of the "Bullies and School Safety" program. The next day,
I received an email from a parent who said her child reported a bully to them as soon as the family
returned home from the RAKOB show. The student had been afraid to report the bully because she was
worried about what the other child might do. The parents are helping her by talking to the bus driver,
transportation director, and school vice principal. Your message was immediately taken
to heart by this student and began to help her before the end of the night!"

- Bunny Chidester, My Life Project Coordinator, Rappahannock Area Office on Youth

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